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What is a Deconversion?

A deconversion is the presentation of your data in a form that it can be electronically read by another vendor. There are generally 2 reasons for a deconversion 1) You are moving to another data processor or 2) you are merging in with another credit union and they have another data processor.


No matter what system your credit union uses, your credit union owns the data represented there. From the demographic information, account information through every bit of history and general ledger - it's all yours. You have the rights to it - you just don't know how to get to it.

There are hundreds of pieces of information which make up a credit union's data base and dozens of types and methods for making it work in it's data processing environment. Making sense of it and presenting it in a form that's easy to use is the process called the deconversion. Many times no single report, screen or group of reports show all the codes, and data elements that are stored on your system. The deconversion uncovers all of those elements and makes them available to your new data processor so that your deconversion / conversion process goes smoothly.